--please visit these websites --


Skates Sharpened and Repaired [www.peterpeterson.com]
-A recording project Pete started a few years ago

The Last Transmission from Starbase XY003 [tastytronic.net/xy003/]
-A Space Rawk Opera by Ben Beckstrom and Pete

Slow Learners[www.slowlearners.net]
-Peter Carlson & Erik Anderson's new project

Buddy Nuisance [www.buddynuisance.com]
-Our friends band

Both [www.bothonline.com]
-Old friend and former band member Dave Hendrick's band

Charlie Parr [www.charlieparr.com]
-Can't leave Duluth without catching a show of charlie's


Ake Larson [www.unkleake.com]
-Close friend of ours, took most of the photos for the record

Tim Lowly [www.timlowly.com]
-Amazing artist/musician and Phil's art professor. Tim let us use his paintings for our record. Thanks again tim

Brian Palm [www.bpalm.com]
-Phil's cousin. We've used Brian's photos on the web page

Max Kloeppel [www.smaxx.com]
-We used one of Max's photos for the cover of the live 2003 cd.


Sacred Heart Studio [www.spinoutrecords.com/studio]
-Sacred Heart is a cathedral in Duluth, Mn built in 1896 and now is a music center/recording studio. Sacred Heart is where we recorded our album and would recommend you do too

Goose Island Brewery [www.gooseisland.com]
-We've had a few shows at the Goose. A great place before or after a Cubs game, for live music, or for a bite to eat

Fitger's Brewhouse [www.brewhouse.net]
-Duluth's great brewery.

Pizza Luce [www.pizzaluce.com}
-Duluth's place for pizza, live music, and sunday brunch

CD Baby [www.cdbaby.com]
-Buy our record online

Dr. Wax [www.drwax.com]
-A great chicago record store, buy our record at their Berwyn location

Laurie's Planet of Sound [www.lauriesplanetofsound.tripod.com]
-Our favorite Chicago record store

The Electric Fetus [www.efetus.com]
-They have our record at their Duluth store