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--- about redvinegar ---

the band

the short version

redvinegar is sometimes rock, sometimes country, sometimes folk, sometimes dreamy, but is always good solid music with a heart and soul. redvinegar is currently tim hawkinson, phil kuhl, aaron moon, and peter peterson.

the long version

redvinegar has been a band in the making for some 11 years, when Pete Peterson and Dave Hendrick met in the frozen tundra of Northern Wisconsin and began to play rock and roll. Later, Peterson went to Chicago for school, and musical endeavours with Hendrick happened only on vacations. (and later on the rare occaisions that Hendrick could come down to Chicago.)

Skip to 1995, when Pete Peterson met Phil Kuhl at North Park University. Phil played in a band called "Atwitter," and Pete played largely on his own in the university coffee house. At some point along the way, Phil and Pete started to play together, and when Dave Hendrick began school in Milwaukee, weekend practices commenced and Pedro was born.

It wasn't long after that that Peter Everett Carlson was added to the mix as an official member of the band, and Pedro made it's first appearace at a North Park variety show in early 1999. However, because of Dave's travel schedule (and run-ins with the police), Pedro never practiced as a full band until the show-- but you know what? It turned out just fine.

Jump to the fall of 1999, skipping summer, Korea, blinding heat, and major, invasive surgery on Phil Kuhl. Dave Hendrick was on assignment in Northern Wisconsin doing field work-- collecting the songs of the natives, making sociological studies, and getting a degree while making mad connections through college radio. redvinegar was playing gigs at the lyon's den and the hollywood. Then, All Of A Sudden, Pedro became redvinegar and Aaron Moon was drafted into the ranks (Which is especially cool because Aaron drummed in Phil's very first band, "Exit," back when Aaron was 12!).

Then, life happened. redvinegar went on long term sabbatical, Peter Carlson moved to California, Phil got married, etc. etc.

But we're back again -- this time with Tim Hawkinson on bass, and Aaron Moon returning (triumphantly) on drums. Some good things are happening on the redvinegar front, and we hope that you will be around to enjoy them. I could wax poetic here about what this music means to me, or the things I'm trying to say, but it would probably be better if I just let the music speak for itself.

peter a. peterson ii, april 2002