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cd release party!!! -- posted april 27 2004 by pedro

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click here for a sneak preview of some recording photos and an mp3!

Come to our cd-release show on May 1st!

We did it! Our CD is being pressed as you read this and in two weeks we'll be having our biggest show yet -- the first ever redvinegar cd-release party at goose island in wrigleyville!

This January, redvinegar went into the studio. We spent over 10 full days and hundreds of man-hours in the studio recording, mixing, and mastering on everything from vintage 2-inch analog tape to the newest in digital production systems. We survived 30-below temperatures, snowstorms, and driving back to Chicago in the middle of the night to bring you this record, which includes a 20-page full color booklet, photos by ake larson, phil kuhl, and peter peterson, and incredible paintings by artist tim lowly. We are really proud of the finished product, and we think you'll like it too.

The show is on Saturday, May 1st and starts at 9:00 PM at the Goose Island in Wrigleyville -- 3535 N. Clark St. in Chicago. Admission includes a copy of the CD, a show, and your first drink -- all this for the sweet price of $15. We'll have Slow Learners here from California -- that's Erik Anderson and Peter Carlson -- with some other special guests and surprises.

Please forward this web address to anyone you think might be interested in coming -- we would love to pack out the house -- and thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your support over the last couple years. if you didn't care or come to listen, we would not have been so blessed as to be able to create this music and play for you. So thank you.

shirts available! -- posted nov 05 2003 by pedro


So much has happened since the last time we updated, it isn't even funny. It's actually shameful.

So first of all, we DID pick a shirt design, and you can actually buy it off the Internet! So please, go right ahead and do that right now, I'll wait. . .

. . .seriously though, they turned out great, and by clicking on the above link, you can see what they look like with no obligation whatsoever. We're proud of how they turned out, and we hope that you like them.

In other exciting news, Aaron Moon is back in town, and playing with us. It's great to have him back -- the family feels like a unit once again, and that's a great feeling.

Lastly, redvinegar has actually booked recording time in January. That's right folks, it's actually happening -- we're making a record. We're going to be recording at the Sacred Heart Studio in Duluth, MN in the first full week of January 2004. Hopefully we'll have a real record out sometime in the springtime!

There are lots of little changes around the website, from the photos page to the music page and other stuff too... we promise. And don't forget the shirts! We're also working on a Live CD from 2003 to tide people over until the real record is done.

When I look at what we've been able to do just as a few guys with just a little bit of resources, it really amazes me. I feel like one of the luckiest people on earth. Here's to six more months in the life of redvinegar (and more regular updates!).

t-shirt contest -- posted jun 01 2003 by pedro

We're having a contest -- please submit your ideas for redvinegar t-shirts to me and we'll put them up in our t-shirt gallery and will vote on the design. The person whose design is chosen gets a free shirt and our eternal gratitude!

Sketch your design out, scan it, and email it to me. Or sketch it and mail it to me at this address:

c/o peter peterson
5305 N. Spaulding #2
Chicago IL, 60625

Or, if you can't sketch and/or don't want to mail it, email me with your ideas!

Check it out now! There's a bulletin board about it, and a image gallery for you to see.


lots of exciting news -- posted apr 22 2003 by pedro

Click here for an update on what's happening with redvinegar!

Sign up to the mailing list to get your own redvinegar radio emailed to your door!

lots of exciting news -- posted mar 28 2003 by pedro

Thanks for listening and caring about redvinegar! Our Wednesday night show with Aaron Moon was great -- one of the best yet. Having Aaron back was a real treat, and his mandolin playing is awesome!

We have some incredibly exciting news for the band --

First of all, we're making arrangements to go and record a short demo for gigging purposes. I'm sure we'll post the results on the website for you to listen to. Modern recordings of redvinegar! Who would have thought?!

Anyway, that's not even the big news... the big news is:

We're going to be playing at The Abbey Pub and at the Taste of Chicago in just a few months!

We're still booking out our schedule, but we have two more confirmed dates for you to (hopefully) ink into your datebooks:

The Abbey Pub -- May 8th, 2003, with Blue Stone and Oucho Sparks!


The Taste of Chicago -- July 2nd, 2003 at 12:30!!
[our calendar]

We're really extremely excited to be playing at these two places. Time for the Abbey show is unknown, but the Taste show will be at 12:30 on the 2nd. We'd love to see you at these shows, as always. The more support we can draw, the better shows we're able to set up -- and that makes everyone happy. We can't express enough how much we owe to our friends and families and people we hardly know who come out to see us play -- it's a cliche, but we really couldn't do it without you.

Keep your ears peeled for this and more information, or check out our website:


And please don't forget our upcoming show at the Lyon's Den on May 10th with Blue Stone. We need to pack out the place to ensure that we can get shows there in the future, so we'd love your support. Music starts at 9:00 and the cover is $5. The Lyon's Den is a great place and good times are had by all.

PS: If you think you have a friend that would like our music, please pass our name and website along to them -- we're always looking for new friends and new fans. http://redvinegar.net/list/

hit the ground running -- posted feb 11th, 2003 by pedro

More news to come -- I just wanted to let you all know that redvinegar, after much practice and dilligence on making the most of the new songs and new drummer, has hit the ground running in 2003.

We had a very successful night with the Slow Learners at Goose Island on Saturday, February 8th, and several more shows are in the works... we'd like to be playing around twice a month and we're booking our schedule now.

Stay tuned...

redvinegar's rocktober update -- posted oct. 12th 2002 by pedro

Whew. Lots of news to catch up all the hardcore redvinegar fans.

Aaron Moon, long-time redvinegar drummer decided to take a year off from school and work with Americorps doing environmental education in Massachusetts. Best wishes to Aaron in everything he does, and we hope to have him back in Chicago sooner, rather than later. It's been awesome to play with him again this year, and I think I can speak for everyone else in the band when I say that it's always a pleasure playing music with Aaron.

These sad circumstances forced the friendly townsfolk of Red Vinegar, Utah to call upon a rifleman -- a hired gunslinger with wooden spoons in his holsters and spurs that jingle-jangle-jingle to play drums and generally rock out. And who responded to their call? None other than that most famous of all outlaws, the greatest bandito this side of the Rama del Norte, the desperado Erik P. Anderson. Right now he's hiding out from the law in Grand Marais, Minnesota, but he'll be playing with us on the 25th of October at Goose Island. We're excited about it. We're so excited, we took pictures:

making it official we're excited about having erik in the band

(Thanks to Paul from Smittyvision for filling in a couple times for us.)

redvinegar in the studio -- posted aug. 2nd 2002 by pedro

Well, August is upon us, and redvinegar is gearing up for the fall -- we're hoping to play a lot of shows and try to meet some new people and make some new fans.

We have two things lined up for August, a slot at Goose Fest on the 17th, and our own show at Wrigleyville on the 30th. Both are pretty important for us as a band, and so we're busy making flyers and some freebies to hand out.

Another part of our master plan is getting some new gigs in some different venues -- and in order to do that, we need some kind of a demo. So, redvinegar, armed with only their wits, axes and sticks, wended our way into the studio in order to crank out a "gigging demo". Shooting for five songs, we spent two quick sessions recording live, and now Phil and I are working on filling in the rest -- second guitars, vocals, etc. Hopefully when this is finished, we'll have a little disc that's more representative of what we sound like in person. I'm sure we'll get some samples on the site once they're ready.

We've got some fresh pictures from the recording session, taken by Ake Larson and ourselves.

aaron hiding in his fort. aaron says, 'ready?' tim waiting for peter to get his part right the aaron-cam you have no idea how much of a pain in the butt this machine was... ughhhhhhh 'Dude! like, you're a freakin' freak!' -- Tim

And just for fun, we've put another track from meanwhile up for download.

As always, if you want to be kept up to date, our mailing list is the best way to do that. And Phil and I are always reading the Tastytronic Diner BBS.

redvinegar rides again -- posted feb. 14th 2002 by pedro

That's right, after an official break of almost two years, we're getting back together to play some shows around Chicago, and make some (hopefully) good music.

Since then, Phil got married, Peter Carlson moved to LA, and obviously, life has moved on. We've recruited Tim Hawkinson as our new bass player, and will start playing again this coming Thursday, Feb. 21st, at Goose Island. Click here for more information.

We hope you can come out and see us, but if you can't, at least sign up for our mailing list, listen to online music, buy our cd, or tell people you know about us.

If you're feeling nostalgic and are looking for the old website, it is right here.

I think I can speak for the band in saying that we're really excited to be playing again, and hope that you will enjoy it as much as we will.

We'll be posting updates here as well as on the mailing list, so if you want to keep up to date, sign up. And stay tuned.