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peace of mind
carlson and phil at goose a lowly band shot melissa rauso's picture of phil
you're my punk rock tim pedro in technicolor erik making contact pedro -- in shocking 3D! phil at wrigleyville goose
redvinegar in wrigleyville james bond and pete at goose island switching up for the blues tim and erik at berry redvinegar at the island of goose
the full band at berry umc pedro and aaron jam before the show redvinegar without glasses pete at the rhodes
i always knew phil was two-faced laura is the blur on the far right someone must have just done something funny slidin' delta
tim on da drums moon at goose island wagner shook us all night long! erik in technicolor
redvinegar at berry lowely practice shot bionic phil k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k!
phil and erik at goose moon-o-rama tim at goose island carlson's birthday erik's glam shot
under the lights at goose island tim in the zone lowley practice shot peter carlson's triumphant return phil at berry umc
it's chilly up north dow dow da dow dow dow goose island phil in shadow mr. carlson at berry umc aaron and pedro at north/clybourn you have got to be kidding me things are looking up
phil, pedro, and peter at berry goose island pedro has gone eletric aaron moon's smile
smitty on guitar with redvinegar pedro's looking a little green around the gills acoustic night at goose island
lowly band shot

old photos

phil's birthday at ruby

moon! behind the gill's house i am sensitive! aaron plays the guitar
phil at moonlight what??? pete and aaron sing the blues peter -- fandango sessions 2 in front of the abbey for a change -- elston and grace old buddies rock out
peter stares phil in his rock star pose carlson plays bass, peter sings tenor peter in java with the shirt he gave to tony gapastione get that boy a towel! the dark one
phil trying to hurt his hand again carlson smiles man, i used to be cute upstairs at the abbey aaron rocks out
recording in anderson chapel pete thinks this one looks trippy trying to get into the model business
peter carlson doing aerobics ... moony ... this is a weeeeird looking picture -- pete peter and phil in their corner aaron moon -- cute and available
another recording shot jack, could you play that back? we're really a garage band (don't tell!)

last updated: 14.02.02